17 January 2013

'/e' in the URL keeps permission highlighting alive

I saw the funniest thing the other day when looking over one of our developer's shoulders.

He wanted to enable the Modify All Data permission in a permission set (or profile) he just created.

He searched for the setting using the Find Settings box. It found and highlighted Modify All Data, but it was far enough down the screen that he didn't want to scroll back to the top and click the edit button before scrolling back down to find the permission again.

So he just inserted '/e' in the URL between the permission set ID and the rest of the URL (/0PS3000000000Fj/e?s=SystemPermissions#ModifyAllData).

Next thing I knew, without scrolling around the screen, he was enabling the Modify All Data permission which was still highlighted.

Who knew? Well, he did of course.


  1. Hi
    I am soma am salesforce developer, after reading your blog i am really much interested to move into salesforce admin.

    1. Hi Soma, glad to hear the blog helped you. Thanks for reading it!


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