17 January 2013

About this Blog

I've worked for salesforce.com for almost eight years. I'm telling you this because I want to be clear, I am passionate about the product and believe in Marc Benioff's vision for the company. However, the views and opinions of this blog are solely my own and do not reflect any official salesforce.com policies or views. This is sort of my own personal safe harbor statement.

When I joined salesforce eight years ago as a trainer, I thought that there was a lot to the product. Eight years later, and working as a product manager, I've witnessed exponential growth of everything. More data, more functionality, more acquisitions, more customers, literally more of everything. And in that time, I've accumulated a lot of tips, tricks, and best practices with how the salesforce product works. Basically, I'm a salesforce hacker.

Not a hacker in the lets see if I can break into something and cause random acts of chaos sense. This is a product blog, not a cook book on how to create a denial of service attack against salesforce.com. I'm a hacker in the original intent of the word:
Hacker (programmer subculture), who combines excellence, playfulness, cleverness and exploration in performed activities
Only my hacks specialize in cloud computing and the salesforce platform. Some are more programmatic in nature; however, most involve simple button clicks (to borrow Mike Gerholdt's tagline).

Since becoming a product manager, I've blogged a couple dozen times about what I know. Usually I post after sharing the same information with more than one customer. Unfortunately for me, these posts are littered around the blogosphere. And while they are mainly on salesforce.com properties, I find it difficult to tell people I speak with to search google just to find them.

As a result, I'm creating this product blog to consolidate these couple dozen postings but also to give me a forum for sharing new hacks that I learn about on a daily basis. After eight years doing this, I find that I really only know the tip of the iceberg and everyday is a new learning experience.


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