06 April 2017

Augmenting Salesforce Event Monitoring Datasets

Augmenting Salesforce Event Monitoring Datasets in Wave Analytics to understand in more detail what records your users have been viewing

In this short video Dennis Schultz, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce describes how you can use Event Monitoring for Adoption, Performance and Security analysis and specifically use the URI (PageView) dataset in the Event Monitoring Wave App with Wave's new Recipe capability (in Spring'17) augmented with entity type, turning the data set and visualization into more insightful and easier to use for human analyst consumption.

To enable your Event Monitoring Wave App, please visit the instructions in Salesforce Help & Training or to have Event Monitoring turned on to your Salesforce application, please get in touch with your Account Executive.

To get more familiar with Wave Analytics, see the these Trailheads training modules and to learn more about Salesforce Shield and Event Monitoring please capture these badges.

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Cheers, Jari