12 October 2015

IdeaExchange 50K Club

Platform Monitoring team at Salesforce
At Dreamforce 2015, the Platform Monitoring team received an award for retiring fifty thousand idea exchange points. I'm really proud of our team and our accomplishments!

This was a big deal for us for a number of reasons. The team was formed two years ago to solve the problem of providing customer access to log and event data. This data helps customers gain insights into the operational health of their organization including how to support their end-users, audit user activity, and optimize programmatic performance. But in addition, we put together a temporary team of architects to take on some additional stories that weren't part of the team's charter but we felt nonetheless should be completed.

And in that time we closed some of the following ideas:
We take the ideas on the IdeaExchange seriously on our team because we know it's important to our customers and our users. 

I wish we could get to all of the ideas that are out there. But prioritizing is a bit like being Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Early in the movie, when Charlie walks into the candy store, he has to choose from everything but only has the one dollar that he found. I always wonder how he knew to pick a Wonka bar from everything he could choose from to spend his single dollar.

It's not an easy task to prioritize the stories we complete. Many of the great ideas on the IdeaExchange seem like they should be really easy to solve. But in truth, if they were easy to solve, we probably would have solved them a long time ago. Unfortunately, we have to choose and it's never an easy choice. 

I hope you keep posting ideas, commenting on them, and voting on them. Even though sometimes it may not seem like we're listening, we are and we're really excited to complete as many of these ideas as we can!

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