01 June 2015

Cloudlock Event Monitoring Viewer

Event Monitoring makes downloading log files easy using the Salesforce API. 

But what happens when you just want a quick look at the events in those files? And how can you easily map the location of each event based on the IP address?

API first features like Event Monitoring make it easy to create apps that meet a wide set of use cases. Last week's blog post was about an app that makes downloading Event Monitoring files easy. This week's blog post is about an app that makes it easy to view event log files within a salesforce organization.

Cloudlock, one of our Event Monitoring partners, created a free app using the Salesforce 1 platform that you can install in your org.  It enables administrators to easily filter files by date and type, view events within smaller files, download larger files that may not be easily viewable in the page, and map events by IP with a Google maps mashup.

Cloudlock also provides an integration with Report Exports as well as a host of other incredible security features with their full paid for app offering. You can read more about it and visualizing anomalies by clicking the Learn More button in the app. 

You can install this app using this link. It's free to use and provides access to your Event Monitoring data within your salesforce organization.

It's now easier than ever to view and map your Event Log File data with this great free app from Cloudlock!


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for Adam! Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Adam, this app looks great and so does the event log monitoring functionality, does event logging features comes by default with Performance Edition of Salesforce and also is there a cost associated with this feature

    1. Unfortunately not - it's an add on service for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions.


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