07 July 2014

An introduction to security with the security workbook and who sees what series

Configuring security, authentication, and authorizations with salesforce.com is a challenging proposition. It's enterprise grade security and over the past fifteen years, the security story has evolved as the industry has become more concerned with data breaches and enterprise security.

One of the key tools I suggest to new customers and partners when I talk with them is the security workbook. We created this workbook two years ago to help bridge the the gap new administrators and developers encountered when using salesforce.com for the first time. The security workbook is designed to provide self-paced hands-on exercises that anyone can do with a developer edition organization. Because it's self-paced, you get the experience of creating users, managing profiles and permission sets, configuring sharing, and using OAuth first hand.

The other resource I often suggest is the Who Sees What YouTube series. Each video is less than six minutes and takes the viewer through a boat tour of how the access control model and security works. While less immersive than the Security Workbook, it makes a great primer for new administrators and developers.

Security is complex, setting it up shouldn't be.

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