07 June 2013

Report on who has administrative rights

Do you know who has a profile that may be a security risk?  Have you been audited and needed to quickly determine what profiles contribute to that risk?

The security team at salesforce.com created a great little app on the AppExchange that allows admins to determine potential security risks based on user's profiles.

The Security Health Check app can be found on the AppExchange. And the best part, it's free!!

Developed by the salesforce.com information security team, the Security Health Check application performs a quick review of your security-related settings and makes recommendations for improvement. The health check provides a numeric score and tracks your overall security posture over time.The Security Health Check also notes administrative users, reviews your profiles and users to report on all users that have sensitive access rights, and reviews your default and custom sharing rules.

This version is a managed package that will NOT count against your application, tab, and object limits. This version does not currently support Professional or Group editions, but check back for a future update.

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